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This blog is a bit of a reality check. Each and every moment of our lives we are in a particular energy state within ourselves. It is this energy state which is our primary energy gift to our Mother Earth and the collective of consciousness we are a part of here.

It is very easy to get focused on what we are doing, the end objective of our external efforts in the world, as being our gift(s) to the world. Indeed these areas of endeavor can be gifts to our world too. Yet, if we are in a chaotic and/or negative inner state while doing them then we are in truth working against ourselves, our world and our Mother Earth.

People ask me all the time, “what can I do to serve the Light in our world?” Many of these good people have families, businesses and other obligations in the world of form. They do not have any free time or money to go out and get involved with big planetary transformation projects.

Your Energy Gift to the WorldThis often leads to the feeling that they are not contributing much if anything to the cause of the Light in our world… and here we are in this amazing time of transformation. This in turn leads to feeling like they are somehow missing the boat.

What I tell these good people is that it is their inner state of being, moment to moment, day to day, that is their primary gift to our world and its transformation. Will that gift be a dark stocking stuffed full of negative energy, or will it be a golden treasure chest of love and joy twinkling with radiant light?

The bottom line is that the person who lives a very quiet and mundane life, but whose heart greets and embraces others with love and joy on a sustainable basis, is having a much more positive impact on the transformation of our world than someone who is the head of some major planetary transformation project who is stressed out all the time and who consequently emanates a lot of negative and incoherent energy.

Our Energy Gift to All BeingsOur world has programmed us to give more value to our outer accomplishments than our inner state of being. So the stressed out negative person leading the big glamorous project will generally be seen as contributing more to our planetary transformation than the person living a quiet unified life of love and joy. That is, however, an illusion of grand proportions!

This is where the reality check comes into play! We really have to look to what our inner state is moment by moment to truly understand what our energy gift to our world really is! Those of us who are indeed meant to be leading major global projects need to take this to heart. It is imperative that the outer form of the project not take precedent over the inner state of being for those involved.

If it does, the project will not bear the same transformational potential that it could otherwise. It will run into all sorts of problems that then get blamed on the “dark forces” attacking the project of light. This unfortunately happens quite frequently.

This applies to each and every one of us in our day to day lives too. How often do we make something else more important than our inner state of being? The mind easily justifies this, and it has a zillion reasons why. We must become self-aware enough to recognize when this is happening.

Simply having this self-awareness will change the dynamic because that is not where we wish to be. It is therefore, as always, a job which involves developing more self-awareness, that is the whole mechanism by which we develop consciousness too!

One simple tool I leave you with for this…

Put up sticky note reminders everywhere that say, “What is my inner state and energy gift to Mother Earth right NOW?” If you do that, and look at those notes often, it will only take a few months and you will have become much more self-aware regarding your inner state in each and every moment than you may currently think is possible! It’s called epigenetic and neural re-programming or entrainment!

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