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Modes of Duality, Step Free into the Light of Your Soul!

Modes of Duality

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Duality is rooted in the dynamic principle whereby there are two polarities of energy expression. Two polarities of energy expression are what the entire manifest universe is based upon! We really cannot get rid of that!

What we refer to as duality—and which we can do something about—is actually a state of imbalance and/or dissonance between the two polarities of energy expression that are involved. Transcending dualistic experience involves Read More

What-Is-Mastery? - Self Mastery & Life Mastery

What is Mastery?

By Cosmic Consciousness, Food for thought, Keys & Tips, Simeon Chi'Ra 2 Comments

This is a potentially enormous topic if you take into consideration all the things there are to be mastered in life!

To narrow it down just a bit, I am speaking specifically about mastery over one’s experience of life on this planet.

If you can learn to master that, then everything else sort of falls into place and this world no longer has anything “over” you!

This is reducing it down to its point of greatest simplicity… I just LOVE simplicity! If we have only one thing to focus on and master then life is a whole lot easier!

Think about it, at the root of Read More

What-Is-Your-Truth? Pure Love or Turbulent Emotion?

What is Your Truth?

By Cosmic Consciousness, Food for thought, Keys & Tips, Simeon Chi'Ra 3 Comments

In Search of the TruthThere is a lot of talk about truth these days. There are so many ways this word is applied that it can breed some confusion. In the universe that I choose to experience there is only one TRUTH, and that is love. All other truths are a matter of one’s observations and experiences of temporal details… things that are not infinite and eternal in nature.

So to say that the shirt you are wearing today is red in color may be true alright, but it is not what I am referring to as TRUTH. The type of TRUTH I am speaking of is Read More

What is Divine Grace? The Law of Grace

What is Divine Grace?

By Cosmic Consciousness, Food for thought, Keys & Tips, Quantum Ascension, Simeon Chi'Ra 2 Comments

What is Divine Grace?Divine Grace is often thought of as being something that another person or God/Spirit/Source does for us without us having done anything to earn it.

There is a modicum of truth in this perspective, but it could do with a bit of enhancement to help complete our conceptual understanding.

First, it’s very helpful to be aware that Divine Grace is an effect of a natural energy with unlimited potential. This energy exists everywhere and in everything. This energy is Read More

Fight-or-Light? - Living Your Soul

Fight or Light? – Living Your Soul

By Cosmic Consciousness, Food for thought, Keys & Tips, Simeon Chi'Ra 2 Comments

Our cultures and societies on Earth place enormous value on being tough, pushing through, being able to endure anything that life dishes out and fighting what we call adversity and darkness.

Those who do best at these things are held in high esteem.  Indeed, these are all qualities that we owe the survival of the human race to up to this point in our evolutionary journey.

However, we are at point now in our journey where these types of human dynamics need to significantly change. Our entire collective assemblage point is shifting, and these age-old highly valued characteristics and ways of approaching things are now holding us back from truly taking the deep nourishing drink from the Holy Grail that we have earned and deserve.

If I was to briefly summarize what this shift is about in its core essence, I would say that it is Read More

The Power of Subtle Awareness

Power of Subtle Awareness

By Cosmic Consciousness, Keys & Tips, Quantum Ascension, Simeon Chi'Ra 3 Comments

The more we achieve the ability to be aware at ever subtler levels of reality, the more power we are able to attain. I am speaking of having power WITH something, not in the sense of having power over something. This is the power of the Core Self!

When we are unaware of various levels of subtle energy and consciousness, then we have very little if any power with that energy and consciousness. It just does its own thing and we go for the ride trying to figure it out.

However, if we can achieve a subtler level of awareness that allows us to Read More

Love as a State of Being

Love as a State of Being

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Love is a word in the English language which is used in many vastly different ways. Just how it’s used depends upon the overall context and level of awareness present. Whenever I or illumined beings in higher dimensions speak of love, we are referring to a pure state of being.

From this state of being we can then give birth to thoughts, feelings, actions, words and deeds that are in resonance with it. The state of being I am calling love is actually beyond the realms of manifestation, yet it can be experienced by manifest forms in the Creation. That alone is an amazing thing in and of itself!

In this pure state of being love is Read More

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