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A lot has been said and will continue to be said about the energetics of eclipses, and rightfully so. We have been in a very intense eclipse window for awhile as of this writing. We also have a new moon solar eclipse coming. So this seems an apropo time to talk about eclipses in general! This information is thus rather timeless, and is not focused on the current eclipse that inspired it.

Each eclipse has its own unique astrological  energy signature. However, I always tend to look for commonalities, essence and what themes or patterns may exist in things over time. We really do not have to look much further than what an eclipse is to understand what the major theme of all eclipses is for us energetically.

During an eclipse, whether it be solar or lunar, we have one celestial body “eclipsing” the other and casting a shadow upon it. Eclipses are thus times when we are being facilitated in accessing and perceiving shadow aspects of our own nature.

These are times when an aspect of our being which might ordinarily “mask” or “outshine” a shadow element—a limiting energy pattern—is temporarily eclipsed thus allowing the limiting shadow aspect or pattern to be perceived more clearly by our conscious level of awareness.

How this happens and what types of shadow aspects we might expect to become more aware of are what the individual astrological signatures of eclipses define. However, if we are aware of this essential commonality of all eclipses, and we have a solid enough anchor in the deep unified core of our being, then we have a single approach we can use for all eclipses. In fact, we then have one approach for solving every problem of energy, mind, emotion and consciousness that we will ever encounter! I love simplicity!

This single approach is to accept everything that presents itself from the place of love that the deep unified core of our being represents. When we can do this, big transformation occurs very easily and gracefully. Anything less than this results in a tug-of-war within the duality.

When we are in the tug-of-war dynamic we may “win” some of the the time. We may even get good at winning a lot of the time. Problem is, there is always another tug-of-war to be dealt with. If we wish to get off the hamster’s wheel of never-ending tug-of-wars, we need to drop down deeper into our unified core self.

This is where we connect with what I call ‘True-Self.’ Not that we actually have a ‘false self.’ In my view it is all a valid and real part of reality. It’s just that some aspects of reality incorporate more of the whole than others. We could say they are ‘more complete.’

The more complete something is, the more ‘true’ the image it presents to us will be also. ‘True-Self’ then in my view refers to that expansive part of our being that presents the most complete and true image of reality possible to us, that which we are in our totality.

So, how can we connect deeper into our unified core or True-Self? The simple answer is to simply cease doing anything and everything that reinforces the feeling of disconnection or separation from that aspect of our being. There are, however, a lot of limiting patterns that are piggybacking along in our ancestral DNA which can cause us to do things which result in a disconnect.

Discovering what they are and clearing them makes a world of difference! So there you are, some awesome insights, tips and options for any eclipse window! Most importantly, just be the awesome love that you are through all eclipses and any shadow elements that are revealed to you will transit into the spiritual sun of your heart and simply be no more!

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  • maia4444 says:

    Good article Simeon…very insightful!

  • Lyndy Starflower says:

    I really loved this synthesis, Simeon. You describe what I have been experiencing quite completely.
    Some of the things I have learned during this particular window are that moments slip into one another like bubbles joining bubbles. To be my eye (I) of true self (an ever-expanding witness), I may simply join with what is present that I love and let what appears. that I wish I was not, just be. Silence is golden when I am witnessing a shadow aspect.
    Doing this revealed to me how the past does not have to always be in the present bubble. It becomes like a book that has been read and is now part of the eternal shelf of possibility in my living library.
    Happy eclipse dance to all,

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