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Anyone who has been on a conscious spiritual path of personal growth and evolution for even a short time knows about the whole concept of surrender. Surrender is in a sense a release of something we are clinging to, usually some resistance around something. It brings change as we move into deeper acceptance.

There is an old metaphysical axiom that states, “whatever we resist will persist.” This addresses the need for surrender.  The reason that whatever we resist will persist is quite simple. This occurs because when we resist something we are focusing very intently upon it in order to resist it, and then we are feeding it a lot of our energy. If we feed something our energy then it will of course persist!

In order to move into spiritual surrender we must first be aware there is a need for surrender. It can take awhile to reach this place. We may bang our heads against the wall for awhile before it dawns on us that we need to surrender and release something so we can move into greater acceptance of what is.

When we get to the place where we realize we need to release, accept and surrender spiritually, we actually have two choices in HOW we go about it. Very few people are even aware they have this choice. It is awesomely enlightening too when you know that you do!

This choice is, that we can either surrender to the limitation of the situation, or we can surrender to potential it offers us! We of course want to always choose to surrender to the potential. Unfortunately often times we will surrender to the limitation without even realizing it.

If we surrender to the limitation, then in our surrender we may have set ourselves upon a path  that is going to repeat the experience that brought us to the place of surrender so we get another chance to surrender to the true potential.

The universe will keep bringing you back over and again so it can offer you the potential until finally you accept the offer! It’s therefore wise to be aware enough to always surrender to the potential of any given situation if you get to a point of surrender.

I’ll give you an example of the difference between surrendering to the limitation and surrendering to the potential. If we are faced with a very tough situation that is challenging us in every way imaginable, it is natural that we may start feeling some resistance towards that situation.

It is common to surrender in such circumstances by figuratively throwing up our hands and saying “I give up,” or… “ok you win let’s just get on with it,” or… “I’ll tough this out and endure,” or… “this too shall pass.” I’m sure you could come up with a whole bunch of other such statements that represent what often happens in such situations. These are all statements, gestures and energetic approaches that represent surrendering to the limitations of the situation.

We do much better when we have an awareness present which informs us that in meeting these challenges to the best of our ability we can realize a gift of some sort. Then this is what we surrender to experiencing. We are then surrendering to the potentials that are being offered us.

Statements which represent this form of surrender are, “I place it all in God’s hands,” or… “I know there is a silver lining in this cloud,” or… “I’m going to be so much stronger when I have finally accomplished this.” Again, I know you can come up with many more.

More than anything, the difference between surrendering to the limitation versus the potential is an inner state, an energy, an attitude. If there is a painful feeling of needing to grind through something, or an element of unwillingness present that you are forcing yourself through, then this is going to result in surrendering to the limitations.

If instead we have come to a place of recognizing the potentials that are being offered us, at least in essence, and we feel a burst of positive motivation towards realizing those potentials because we really desire to experience and have them in our life… then we are surrendering to the potentials in the challenges we are experiencing.

We do not need to meet our challenges perfectly either, only to the best of our ability. The universe does not expect any more than that from you! Did I hear a sigh of relief? We do need to be able to maintain a sufficient level of awareness to even know that we have this choice in our act of surrender. In order to maintain sufficient awareness we need to remain as clear of reactionary responses as possible.

This means maintaining proper balance in our body, being and consciousness. Heart-Breathing is a great way of accomplishing this! Open your heart and take a deep breath, then surrender to every potential the universe offers you the first time it comes around! Life will really start to flow if you do!

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