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In the first part of Neutrinos and Souls, I wrote:

In my next installment I will expand on this theme and relate how the period we are now entering into on Earth is going to bring a whole lot more neutrinos and other celestial and cosmic ray type particles through our body and being. These particles contain various forms of information. We must be able to process these energies and information properly for it to have a positive versus a negative effect on our body, consciousness and light field.

First I need to make a minor correction, which is that the number of neutrinos will not increase much if any. However, their energetic nature and thus the information they hold will change. This effect is similar to having more neutrinos, but with a few twists. The other charged particles will indeed be increasing in number.

What's truly important to understand is that our Earth's magnetic field/shield is weakening, and it's rate of weakening has been accelerating. It is our magnetic field that shields us from cosmic rays from both our Sun and from sources outside of our solar system.

Further, at the same time our Sun is also entering into a Solar Minimum period, and it appears to many scientists that this time around it has all the earmarks of being a Solar Grand Minimum. The difference is that the latter results in a quiet Sun for a much longer period of time. It can also produce a quieter Sun than a standard minimum does.

This is important because it is the pressure of the Solar wind reaching out into the vastness of space that forms a type of magnetic bubble that also serves as a shield from powerful cosmic rays by deflecting them.

With our Sun entering into an extended quiet period this shielding of our solar system will be far less thereby allowing a far greater amount of these very high energy cosmic rays from outer space to penetrate much more deeply into and through the solar system.

Given our planetary magnetic field/shield is also experiencing an accelerated weakening, the combination means that we will be exposed to increased cosmic rays and charged particle bombardment from both the Sun and deep space.

Oddly enough, the cosmic rays from our Sun carry much less energy than those from deep space. You'd think the Sun being so close and powerful that it would be the source of the most powerful cosmic rays we experience on Earth. This is not the case, and those from deep space, even from sources thousands of light years away can have millions of times more energy in them.

Our human brains struggle to comprehend the immensity of things that occur in the universe! To help put some of this to scale, just comprehend the fact that some of the stellar object explosions that occur in the universe release more energy in a few seconds than our Sun will produce in it's multi-billion year life cycle!

As such, all of the particles that are emitted from such gargantuan stellar explosions carry immense amounts of energy. Many scientists have postulated that these contain enough energy to have caused at least some of the mass extinctions which have occurred on our planet.

The neutrinos, however, are not of concern in this regard. The Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated that neutrinos have information in them that they impart to whatever they pass through.

Most of the neutrinos that pass through us and our planet originate in the core of our Sun. They represent somewhat of a direct transmission from old Sol's heart through everything else in our solar system including us. As our Sun's activity gets quieter, the number of neutrinos that pass through us each and every moment from our Sun will decrease.

The overall ratio of neutrinos from deep space to those from our Sun will therefore change whereby those from deep space will be a larger portion of the total neutrino count we'll be exposed to.

This will serve as part of the re-programming of human consciousness and matter itself because the neutrinos from deep space carry different types of information than those from our Sun do.

A simple analogy may be helpful! Imagine you have 1 million people (solar neutrinos) singing the words "duality reigns supreme" and 100,000 people (deep space neutrinos) singing "love and oneness is the way". Which song is going to be most prominently heard? The one with more people singing it of course.

But then suddenly instead of there being 1 million people singing the duality song there is now only 300,000, and those singing the love and oneness song are still only 100,000 in number, but they just got microphones, and speakers with amplifiers donated to them. Now their song is heard more prominently and thus imprints consciousness.

This is indeed what is coming, and in fact it's already begun! We need to be aware of some other dynamics as well. We will be subject to various types of high energy bombardment that seriously affects the intensity and type of our weather, increases earthquakes and volcanoes, and which poses additional health and electrical equipment and power grid risks.

Preparing our light field so that it can assimilate these additional very powerful energies and the encoded information they contain for the purposes of the ascension of both our physical and light bodies is very important.

There are of course many means available for this. I will also be offering some of my own going forward. For what it's worth right now, everything we've done and everything I've offered thus far is really just the beginning steps.

This must also be a balanced approach that recognizes and accepts the shortcomings and limitations of our human vehicle instead of denying they exist. This should not be done to pay homage to limitation, but as a means to experience something truly unlimited by accepting what is now, and thereby experientially pass through the cosmic ring-pass-not into what our ultimate potential is.

There are a lot of misnomers about doing this which derive from some of the more popular teachings around the Law of Attraction. That is a true law, but it has largely not been understood properly. I'll be commenting more on this in the future.

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Image Credit: [enhanced] Daya Bay Neutrino Detector photo on Wikipedia


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