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Before reading on, you may wish to read "MIT scientists find weird quantum effects... Neutrinos... have no individual identities..." which I will be referring to and commenting on herein. Or, just read on and visit the MIT article later to expand your understanding if necessary, it can work either way!

I was VERY excited when I read the MIT article because it was right in accord with some things Master Menon had related to me many years ago. This was that there are very small fundamental particles in the universe that hold the memory circuit for the sublime qualities we refer to as those of the soul.

The first evidence I had seen of this was years ago in the book "Love Without End: Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Greene. In that book Jesus had spoken to Glenda about the Adamantine particles. He related how these had a memory circuit and that they would be attracted back to us over and again.

These Adamantine particles were not the bearers of our karmic debt. Rather, they carried the vibrational signature of our acts and energies of love.

Neutrinos are not the Adamantine particles. However, they both exist within very resonant modal planes in the universe. The Adamantine particles hold the pure memory circuit of the soul's origination "moment," as well as the moments where we enter into resonance with who we truly are as love The neutrinos are entirely universal and not really associated with any specific soul memories.

There are a lot of Adamatine particles in the universe which are also still unassociated with any specific soul memories. However, those which we experience are either those whose memory we have already conditioned with our love in the past returning to us, or those which are in the process of being conditioned by our love in the now moment.

Neutrinos on the other hand can interact with billions of souls and not be conditioned very much at all. They will take on a very small amount of memory, but it always remains a very small part of the energy of the neutrino.

In the MIT article linked above they found that despite traveling over 450 miles in their experiment, that the neutrinos did not assume any identity! They instead would superposition to be more than one thing at a time (i.e. energized / non-energized), or could momentarily assume whatever identity was expedient in interacting with the matter they were passing through. This means that neutrinos do not adhere to Einstein's laws and equations of physics which require a particle of matter to assume a definite state.

Further, the amount of memory a neutrino allocates to remembering an interaction or the nature of what it interacted with, does not appreciably change as it interacts with an increasingly larger number of souls, matters, or anything else. It rather remains fairly neutral as it's name suggests.

The neutrino instead has the ability to maintain it's universal memory circuit fully intact. It aggregates the memories of all other things it has interacted with in the small amount of it's field that is allocated to such a memory function.

This means that over time the neutrino is combining and merging the memories of all other things/beings it has ever passed through and thereby connecting them back to the Source energy they originated from.

It's an infinitesimal amount of effect each neutrino exerts on us, but there are about 65 billion neutrinos passing through just one square centimeter of area on the Earth every second. As adult humans we average over 15,000 sq cm of surface area, which means we should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 975 trillion neutrinos passing through our body every second of our life! This effect is therefore more significant than it may seem at first.

The neutrino's nature is also an excellent way way to bear witness to the nature of our own soul beingness through the lens of modern science. The neutrino suggests a modality of higher beingness and consciousness which is taught in many of the ancient wisdom traditions.

This modality is that our True Nature is indeed one of non-identity. We too, have the inherent ability to pass through all experiences without the need to retain any memory of anything but the love (Adamantine particles) and to remain neutral and aligned to our Core Self (neutrinos) which is beyond all the limited identities of the things we will be interacting with... including our our own body, personality and human beingness.

In my next installment I will expand on this theme and relate how the period we are now entering into on Earth is going to bring a whole lot more neutrinos and other celestial and cosmic ray type particles through our body and being. These particles contain various forms of information. We must be able to process these energies and information properly for it to have a positive versus a negative effect on our body, consciousness and light field. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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Image Credit: [enhanced] Daya Bay Neutrino Detector photo on Wikipedia


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