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Cosmic Consciousness Online

Your Channel to Cosmic Consciousness
and Oneness Love

Cosmic Consciousness Online Your Channel to Cosmic Consciousness

Our Online Purpose

To facilitate an ever-expanding activation of the infinite universal/cosmic awareness and Oneness Love potentials that are inherent within all of humanity, all beings, and all aspects of the universe.

Our Online Mission

To offer online information, media, group activations and facilitations, webinars, classes, workshops, teachings, activations, facilitations and support to connect human experience more sustainably with the ultimate manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness, which is Oneness Love, or Divine Love, our highest nature.

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What exactly are Cosmic Consciousness,
the Cosmic Plane of Awareness,
and Oneness Love?

The Cosmic Plane of Awareness and the Universal Plane of Awareness are synonymous terms, at least in the way I am using them.

These are terms for very expanded states of awareness and pure being that consciousness itself emerges from.

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid ~ Cosmic Consciousness and Unity Consciousness Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor

First, and very importantly: when I say "I" or "me" anywhere on this site, I AM referring to the personality and body which are part of the incarnational vehicle known as Simeon that the UNIVERSAL REAL ME has made manifest on Earth and is using as a set of tools to help others.

I AM not limited by these tools, nor do I identify with them. I encourage and support you in identifying ONLY with your Cosmic True Self as well! Learn More

You will find a considerable number of in-depth explorations into these states of awareness and pure being on my website. Many of them are related to higher-dimensional awareness, metaphysics, sciences and knowledge that can expand your awareness into the larger cosmic perspective. These explorations reveal deeper understandings of the complexity of the dimensional construct of reality itself.

My work is now shifting as we head through 2012 and beyond. These more complex explorations are what I am now considering my "legacy materials." Things have shifted quite profoundly and rapidly since the completion of the Mayan Calendar and 11:11:11 Gateway.

Slightly before these amazing gateways were activated, the 7th Dimensional Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na became quite powerfully present in my work. Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is not an Ascended Master. She is a consolidation of 7 Ascended Masters that her Magna Soul produced in the earthen experience in the past and she is projected only within the 7th Dimension.

It was Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na that introduced the term 'Oneness Love' to me and the Family of Light which comprises my global Cosmic Consciousness Online community. 'Oneness Love' is a term that is synonymous with 'Divine Love.' It represents the most expanded form of love possible. This form of love is not a thought, feeling or action. It is a pure state of awareness and being that is who we all are in truth.

Why use the term 'Oneness Love' instead of 'Divine Love'? The term 'Divine Love' has more potential to produce resonance with a God-Human duality. 'Oneness Love' is a term that has not been used much in our world, and it points directly at a unified oneness reality.

Just in starting to use the term 'Oneness Love' versus 'Divine Love' most people will experience somewhat of a shift out of the 'God-Human duality' into more of a 'Human as integral expression of God unified reality.'

This is why I am now using the term Oneness Love. By using it we can maximize our abilities to make the shift into our True Self of Pure Awareness and Oneness Love! It also has a very nice energy feel to it, everyone seems to take right to it! I also feel that it aligns us right into the New Earth we are seeking to manifest in our experience and in our world.

Not only is Oneness Love who we are, it is our common purpose for existence. It is the purpose for the existence of everything in the manifest universe including evolution itself.

In early 2006 I had a very powerful and expansive mystical experience and revelation which forever changed the way I related and responded to life. This mystical experience came after a series of meditations which lasted nearly 4 months at 3-5 per week.

It began with my desire to know the purpose of life. It developed into a guided inner journey about the nature of life itself. It concluded with a direct mystical experience of the Living Light Form of the Heart of God.

In this mystical experience the entire hologram of the Living Light Form of the Heart of God entered my incarnate being. In that instant I knew many things I had never known before. My awareness was expanded to encompass the very purpose of all existence and manifestation.

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The purpose of existence, manifestation and thus evolution was revealed to me to be to simply provide unique opportunities for the expansion of beauty within the Universal Heart of God. How does this happen you might ask?

The purpose of creative manifestation and the spin-off dynamic we call evolution is to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in the Universal Heart of God, or the Totality - our own highest aspect of existence and beingness.

This occurs through the opportunities that all sentient beings have every single moment to express their true nature - ONENESS LOVE - in some unique set of circumstances, which the ongoing evolutionary activity in the universe keeps providing!

No two sets of circumstances are ever quite the same when we express the love we are. This results in unique energy patterns of exquisite beauty and radiance being imprinted or recorded within the Universal Heart of God where they live forever each time any sentient being expresses their true nature in love.

Therefore all expressions of our true nature in love create crystalline energy patterns of exquisite beauty that are as unique as snowflakes, no two are quite the same. The Universal Heart of God is complete in love, but its beauty can be infinitely expanded and that is the purpose of all existence, manifest creation and evolution.

You can listen to me speaking about the mystical experience I had which brought all of this into my awareness on my FREE MP3 entitled the "Nature and Purpose of Evolution." In this audio presentation I describe this whole mystical experience in much more detail and there is a powerful energy transmission offered to the listerner as well.

Everything we do is based on this one singular purpose we share of expanding the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of Love in God's Heart by expressing the love that we are in truth. All other purposes we may have in any given incarnation all depend on how well we participate with this universal purpose for our existence.

Becoming a conscious participant in this purpose is the most important thing we could ever achieve. All other knowledge or wisdom we acquire, must in the end be used to serve this one singular purpose for our very existence itself.

Cosmic Consciousness manifests naturally to the degree that we have attained an ability to do so. This is therefore the most direct path to Cosmic Consciousness. It takes you into an experience of who you truly are, which is Pure Awareness and Oneness Love.

I continue to work within the laboratory of self and with others to develop evermore direct and effective ways to help people make the shift into experiencing Oneness Love in their body and being. I share my findings and the protocols and tools I develop on this website and through my email newsletters.

If you are seriously desiring to make the shift so you can better consciously participate with the purpose for your existence and experience more of who you truly are as a being of Oneness Love, I know you will find much of value on this website and as part of my global Family of Light here at Cosmic Consciousness Online.

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